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[About the Game]


Ronin Trail is an open-world adventure game about a wandering samurai searching for his purpose. You play as a survivor of war who must take on odd jobs and bounties to make a living. The game takes place at the start of the Edo period in Japan, shortly after the country was ravaged with war. As you travel through the countryside, chaos persists as disbanded soldiers form violent gangs that terrorize the villagers. It's up to you to bring peace back to the valley.



  • Beautiful and immersive environments

  • Unique voxel-esque artstyle

  • Fluid combat system with complex mechanics

  • Original Soundtrack by Zhao Shen


Please contact for additional questions. Devpachi is available for email Q&As.

[Fact Sheet]

Game Name
Ronin Trail



3D Action RPG


Kickstarter: June 18th 2022
Projected Release: Q4 2023

[About Us]

Ronin Trail is solo developed and published by @devpachi in collaboration with @ZhaoShenMusic (Composer).Ronin Trail is devpachi's debut game.

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