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December Updates

Procedural generation wasn't producing the results I wanted and I decided to switch gears and continue manually creating the map from before. Procedurally generating rice fields and nice looking villages felt almost impossible without making them completely grid-like and blocky.

I'm hoping to use procedural generation for a different game mode that you unlock later or maybe a future project. A lot of time has been put into making procedural generation work and I don't want it to go to waste...

On the bright side you can cut grass now. It uses a cheap render target and vertex shader so it comes at very little performance cost!

Some progress on the handmade map includes a new swamp area that looks more swampy and humid than before. I also made some mangrove trees.

From the feedback I received from playtests, I decided to change the quick item system to a tool bar and also remake the inventory system to function more like minecraft/terraria. Ronin Trail is a survival game and I feel this type of structure is more suited for the genre.


Twitter has been inactive for a while now but I'm still regularly working on the project. The expectations for this project have added a lot of pressure to me especially with the Kickstarter raising far more than I was expecting. I felt like I had an expectation to deliver which is why I've been avoiding posting about the procgen progress that hasn't gone anywhere. But I'll try to be more transparent about development and be more regular with devlog updates. Thank you everyone who's supporting the game.

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