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1.29.23a Update


  • Added 4 small open world maps to explore

  • Finished weather change system and fixed lighting bugs with water during rain storms

  • Improved shrine visiting and added prototype travel map system

  • Improved map functionality with drag-drop and zoom

  • Redesigned inventory system with toolbar and more intuitive drag-drop system

  • Improved loot drop system

  • Added new foods and healing items

  • Added shrine collection boxes for storing unused items

  • Added birds, dragonflies, and frogs

  • Improved fishing mini-game

Planned for next month:

  • Add item trading system for unified crafting and merchant UI

  • Add reputation system

  • Re-add and fix AI for larger animals (wolves and deer)

  • Refine old maps and add 1 new biome

For backers: A new build is currently available for beta-testers on Discord!

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